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  • About BTS Agency
    Build Thrive Succeed is a comprehensive agency specializing in public relations (PR) and brand elevation. Our mission is to empower businesses and individuals to build a solid foundation, thrive in their industries, and achieve lasting success. Our expertise in PR strategy, media relations, content creation, and brand positioning empowers our clients to enhance their visibility, credibility, and authority in the market. By leveraging our strategic approach, industry insights, and creative solutions, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to craft compelling narratives, secure media coverage, and establish strong brand identities. At Build Thrive Succeed, we are committed to driving results, elevating brands, and unlocking opportunities for growth and prosperity.
  • Who are the Credibility Specialists at BTS Agency?
    At BTS Agency, our Credibility Specialists form a team of highly skilled professionals committed to comprehending the distinct PR needs and objectives of each client. They actively seek out clients with outstanding qualities and potential for our PR services. Building a unique bond with clients, Credibility Specialists become trusted advisors, navigating clients through the realm of PR. They passionately strive to enhance clients' brands by offering customized ideas and solutions, particularly through featured press articles. Leveraging their profound industry knowledge, they assist clients in exploring innovative concepts and opportunities for securing featured placements. Credibility Specialists engage in free consultation calls with new clients, providing tailored solutions for their PR service needs. As trusted guides, they offer insights and strategies to maximize brand exposure, ensuring clients' brands reach new heights. If a Credibility Specialist reached out to you and invited you to our website, it's because they see something special in your business or brand.
  • What is the role of the PR Team at BTS Agency?
    PR Team members oversee all client communications within the Client Portal. They assist with service delivery, writing, publishing, customer service, and ensuring completion of client services to guarantee satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • What does the lion in BTS Agency's logo represent?
    The lion in BTS Agency's logo symbolizes strength, courage, and leadership. It represents the agency's determination to help clients succeed and embodies the spirit of empowerment, allowing clients to unleash their full potential and achieve greatness.
  • What areas of expertise does BTS Agency offer?
    BTS Agency specializes in PR strategy, media relations, content creation, and brand positioning. The agency empowers clients to enhance their visibility, credibility, and authority in the market.
  • How does BTS Agency work with clients to achieve their goals?
    BTS Agency collaborates with clients by leveraging a strategic approach, industry insights, and creative solutions. The agency works hand-in-hand with clients to craft compelling narratives, secure media coverage, and establish strong brand identities.
  • What is Public Relations (PR)?
    Public Relations, abbreviated as PR, revolves around managing how people perceive and feel about a brand or person. The primary objective is to create and maintain a positive image. PR professionals employ various tools such as media communication, social media management, content creation, event planning, crisis handling, and community engagement.
  • What are the benefits of press and PR services for clients?
    Press and PR services provide a range of benefits, enhancing brand visibility, credibility, reputation, reach, and thought leadership opportunities. Press coverage plays a crucial role in elevating a brand's visibility and exposure, reaching a diverse audience, attracting potential customers, and generating organic traffic to the client's website. Clients can effectively utilize press articles to promote their brand on their website and social media platforms. This strategic approach aids in building credibility, establishing media relations, engaging with customers, improving SEO, and attracting valuable partnerships and collaborations. A few advantages of Press and PR services include: 1. Enhanced Brand Visibility Boosts Visibility: Clients become more visible to a larger audience. 2. Increased Credibility Enhances Credibility: Being featured in the press establishes trustworthiness. 3. Improved Reputation Brand Authority: Positions a brand as an influential industry leader. 4. Expanded Reach Reaches Wider Audience: Information gets shared with a broader group of people. 5. Opportunities for Thought Leadership Narrative Control: Clients can actively shape and control the messages presented in their press articles, influencing how the public perceives them. This allows them to strategically convey their desired image and key messages to the audience.
  • What are 3 powerful ways a business/brand can leverage a press article?
    Three powerful ways a business/brand can leverage a press article are: 1. Building Brand Authority: A press article provides a prime opportunity to showcase the brand's expertise, achievements, and unique value proposition. By leveraging the article, the brand can establish itself as a credible and authoritative source within the industry. This helps build brand authority and positions the business as a leader in its field. 2. Enhancing Brand Visibility: Press articles offer significant visibility and exposure to a broader audience. By leveraging the article through social media, website promotion, and other marketing channels, the brand can amplify its reach and increase brand awareness. The heightened visibility not only attracts new customers but also helps solidify the brand's presence in the market. 3. Gaining Customer Trust and Credibility: Positive press coverage acts as social proof and contributes to building trust and credibility among existing and potential customers. When customers see a brand being recognized and endorsed in reputable publications, it enhances their perception of the brand's reliability and quality. This can lead to increased customer trust, loyalty, and confidence in the brand. By employing press articles in these three ways, a business/brand can effectively harness the power of media coverage to establish authority, increase visibility, and enhance credibility, ultimately driving business growth and success.
  • Why is Credibility important in PR?
    Credibility is crucial in PR as it establishes trust and reliability. When a brand is perceived as credible, it influences how the audience interprets its information and actions, fostering positive relationships with the public.
  • How does Brand Authority contribute to the success of PR efforts?
    Brand Authority is essential as it signifies a brand's level of influence and expertise. A brand recognized as an industry leader or expert is more likely to be trusted and sought after, contributing to the success of PR campaigns.
  • Why is PR important for a brand or individual?
    PR is essential because it shapes public perceptions. It helps build and maintain a positive image, manage crises effectively, and engage with the audience. The ultimate goal is to influence what people think and achieve the goals of the brand or individual in the spotlight.
  • How do PR professionals influence public opinion?
    PR professionals tell compelling stories, ensure message consistency, and use various channels like media, influencers, and community engagement to shape public opinion positively. They aim to garner positive attention, media coverage, and build strong relationships.
  • How does PR contribute to brand goals and objectives?
    PR contributes to brand goals by building trust, credibility, and positive feelings. It helps in achieving strategic objectives by influencing how the brand is perceived, increasing visibility, and positioning the brand as an industry leader.
  • What is the role of Published Press in PR?
    Published Press refers to information shared by major media outlets like newspapers, magazines, online news sites, TV, radio, and specific blogs. Examples include Yahoo News, New York Weekly, and Forbes.
  • How does Published Press benefit clients in PR?
    Published Press provides various benefits for clients, including boosting visibility to a larger audience, enhancing credibility by being featured in reputable outlets, positioning the brand as an influential industry leader, and allowing clients to control the written narrative and message presented in their press articles.
  • What is Narrative Control in Published Press?
    Narrative Control in Published Press means clients have the ability to influence how the public perceives them by actively shaping and controlling the messages presented in their press articles. This allows strategic conveyance of the desired image and key messages to the audience.
  • How does Published Press act as a trustworthy source in PR?
    Published Press serves as a reliable source of information, reinforcing the trustworthiness of the brand or individual. Being featured in respected media channels adds credibility to the information presented.
  • How does press coverage enhance Brand Credibility and Trustworthiness?
    Being featured in press releases on reputable news websites enhances a brand's credibility and trustworthiness. Positive mentions contribute to a positive online reputation, reinforcing the overall value of PR efforts.
  • How does Third-party Validation impact the value of PR efforts?
    Third-party validation, achieved through being featured in press articles by reputable sources, adds authenticity and credibility to a brand. It enhances the overall value of PR efforts by leveraging the authority and trust associated with independent sources.
  • Why is Social Proof important in the context of PR?
    Social Proof, in the form of positive experiences, testimonials, or endorsements, is crucial for building trust. It provides real-world examples of satisfaction, showcasing the value of PR efforts in influencing perceptions.
  • What is the significance of Digital Footprint in PR and brand perception?
    Digital Footprint in PR represents online engagements and activities, influencing brand perception. Positive digital footprints, such as press coverage, contribute to a favorable online identity, enhancing the overall value of PR.
  • How does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) contribute to PR success?
    SEO in PR improves online visibility and search engine rankings, ensuring that press releases and positive mentions are easily discoverable. This contributes to the success of PR efforts by reaching a broader audience and enhancing credibility.
  • What opportunities does Published Press provide in PR?
    Published Press offers opportunities for organizations and individuals to share their stories, insights, and news with a wider audience through respected media channels. It opens avenues for reaching new audiences and establishing authority in the industry.
  • What services does BTS Agency specialize in?
    BTS Agency specializes in providing Public Relations (PR) services designed to significantly boost the credibility and authority of individuals, businesses, and brands in the media. The three primary PR services we offer are: 1. Published News Article Placements: We write press articles for clients, and once approved, the article is sent for publication. 2. Framed Article Displays: Clients have the option to order a custom framed display of their press features, adding sophistication to their workplace and serving as a visual testament to their credibility and media presence. 3. Instagram Follower Growth: In addition to press coverage, we offer services to increase a client's social proof on Instagram. This involves growing their Instagram follower count using influencers, ensuring authenticity without the use of bots or fake followers. All of BTS Agency's services are geared towards elevating our clients' brands by boosting credibility and brand authority. Whether through published news articles, framed displays, or Instagram follower growth, each service is strategically designed to enhance our clients' presence in the media and position them as authoritative figures in their respective industries.
  • Where do clients access and shop for BTS Agency services?
    Customers can easily browse and purchase BTS Agency services using our central platform called the Client Portal. You'll find all our services neatly organized under the "Shop Services" tab, making it simple to explore, select, and buy what you need. The Client Portal is a secure online hub designed for our clients, requiring login credentials. It's not just a place to shop; you can also pay invoices, start services, share press article details, and communicate with our PR Team. If you're a new customer, rest assured that our Client Portal is user-friendly.
  • What role do Credibility Specialists play in the service purchase process?
    Credibility Specialists are pivotal in introducing clients to services and guiding them through the purchase process within the Client Portal. Once services are added to the cart and checkout is completed, the dedicated PR Team takes over for seamless communication and service delivery.
  • How do clients pay for BTS Agency services, and what payment options are available?
    Clients can conveniently pay for services using credit cards at checkout in the Client Portal. BTS Agency does not offer monthly plans, service subscriptions, service financing, or require clients to put a lump sum in a retainer. This straightforward, pay-as-you-go system ensures a hassle-free transaction experience for clients.
  • Are clients bound by service contracts at BTS Agency?
    No, BTS Agency values simplicity and flexibility. Clients are not bound by service contracts, providing them the freedom to adapt PR services to their evolving needs. Credibility Specialists have the liberty to guide clients through diverse PR services without the pressure of long-term commitments. Clients can purchase their desired service(s) in our Client Portal.
  • What are the benefits of the absence of service contracts for clients?
    Clients enjoy the flexibility to choose PR services based on their immediate needs without committing to long-term contracts. This approach ensures a seamless and tailored PR experience, allowing clients to adapt services according to their unique requirements.
  • Are there additional specialized PR services offered by BTS Agency?
    BTS Agency offers exclusive "Specialized PR Services" that are not available for direct purchase on the Client Portal. These services encompass TV interviews, magazine printed articles, podcast interviews, and more. To access these specialized services, clients need to request them through their dedicated Credibility Specialist. It's important to note that the approval process for these services is more comprehensive, involves higher costs, and takes additional time to receive approval.
  • How quickly will my press article be published?
    After your article receives approval for publishing, we usually have it published within 1-3 days.
  • How does the traditional method of securing press coverage differ from hiring Build Thrive Succeed PR Agency?
    By choosing Build Thrive Succeed Agency for your PR needs, you eliminate the traditional challenges of securing press coverage. Our efficient process ensures prompt and top-notch results in featuring our clients in PR. Choosing not to enlist the services of a PR Agency means undertaking a challenging and low-success-rate journey to secure a feature in a news press article independently. Here's a general overview of the steps involved in this process: News Pitching: Craft a compelling pitch highlighting the newsworthiness and relevance of your story for the publication's audience. Journalist Selection: Journalists review pitches, selecting stories aligning with their editorial guidelines and audience interests. They may request additional information before deciding. Interview and Fact-Checking: If selected, the journalist may conduct an interview or gather more information for accuracy and quotes. Writing and Editing: Based on gathered information, the journalist writes the article, adhering to style guidelines. Editing and fact-checking processes ensure accuracy and clarity. Publication and Release: Once finalized, the article is published on the website or in print. Release date and timing may align with industry events or news cycles for maximum impact. Distribution and Promotion: The publication promotes the article through various channels. You can also promote it through your platforms, enhancing its reach. Monitoring and Engagement: Post-publication, monitor its performance and engage with readers and social media conversations. Responding to comments and sharing the article further amplifies its impact. Note: The exact process may vary based on the publication, journalist, and circumstances. Building relationships with journalists, a strong pitch, and demonstrating the newsworthiness of your story increase the likelihood of being featured.
  • How does BTS Agency guarantee you a press article placement?
    At BTS Agency, we recognize the significance of obtaining valuable press article features for your brand. Our assurance is built on a strategic methodology that blends industry proficiency, widespread media connections, and precise campaign implementation. Through our robust relationships with journalists and media platforms, we guarantee that your brand attains the media coverage it merits, placing you prominently and optimizing your visibility. Explore the unmatched assurance of guaranteed press article placements with BTS Agency, where your brand's prosperity is our foremost commitment.
  • What is the process for writing my press article?
    At Build Thrive Succeed, we boast a team of highly skilled and experienced writers and editors. After making your purchase in our client portal, you'll complete a simple questionnaire about your business or brand. This valuable information will then be shared with our talented writers and editors, who will meticulously craft your article content. Be assured that we will deliver the final draft to you for your review and approval. Once you approve the article proof, we will proceed to have it published.
  • What should I anticipate regarding sales and conversion rates stemming from press coverage?
    While press coverage can positively impact your brand and reputation, it's vital to recognize that PR primarily focuses on building awareness, credibility, and trust rather than directly boosting sales. The conversion rates resulting from press coverage can vary significantly based on factors such as the nature of your product or service, the target audience, and the overall marketing strategy in place. PR is more about establishing a robust brand presence and shaping perceptions, indirectly contributing to sales over time. Integrating PR efforts with a comprehensive marketing approach is crucial to optimize the potential for converting press exposure into tangible business outcomes.
  • How does PR (Public Relations) differ from Advertising?
    PR and advertising, distinct disciplines with unique goals and approaches, can be differentiated based on various factors: Purpose and Objective: PR: Aims to build and maintain positive relationships, shape public perception, establish credibility, manage reputation, and gain favorable media coverage through earned channels. Advertising: Directly promotes a product, service, or brand to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and influence consumer behavior. Focuses on communicating specific messages and persuading consumers through paid placements. Control and Credibility: PR: Relies on earned media coverage, working with journalists and influencers. Often perceived as more credible and unbiased due to third-party endorsement. Advertising: Involves paid placements, allowing for precise control over messaging and visuals. Perceived as less credible because the audience recognizes it as a paid promotional message. Message and Reach: PR: Emphasizes storytelling, relationship management, and sharing newsworthy information. Aims for a positive image, buzz generation, and influencing public opinion with a broader reach across various media outlets. Advertising: Focused on delivering specific brand messages, product features, or promotions directly to the target audience. Allows for targeted campaigns to reach specific demographics through paid channels. Timing and Duration: PR: Takes time to generate results, involving relationship-building, story pitching, and waiting for media coverage. Long-lasting impact as positive reputation and media coverage benefit the brand over time. Advertising: Campaigns can be launched quickly for immediate exposure and potential fast results. Typically has a more short-term impact that diminishes once the campaign ends. In summary, while PR concentrates on reputation management, media relations, and relationship-building, advertising revolves around paid promotional messaging and direct sales impact. Integrating both strategically enhances a business's overall visibility, credibility, and marketing effectiveness.
  • What should your business's press article focus on?
    Ensure your press article centers around compelling and newsworthy aspects of your brand. Here are key areas to emphasize: 1. Significant Achievements: Showcase noteworthy accomplishments like product launches, awards, milestones, or innovative solutions that distinguish your business. 2. Unique Value Proposition: Clearly communicate the distinctive value your business provides to customers, addressing pain points, offering solutions, or presenting a unique approach compared to competitors. 3. Impactful Stories: Share stories illustrating the positive impact your business has on customers, communities, or industries. Use real-life examples, testimonials, or case studies to highlight tangible benefits. 4. Thought Leadership: Establish yourself or key team members as industry experts by providing insights, analysis, or commentary on relevant topics. This builds credibility and positions your business as a trusted authority. 5. Innovation and Trends: Discuss innovative approaches, cutting-edge technologies, or industry trends your business is involved in or leading. Demonstrate a commitment to staying ahead and driving change. 6. Community Involvement: Showcase your business's participation in community initiatives, corporate social responsibility, or philanthropy. Highlight a commitment to making a positive impact beyond business objectives. 7. Partnerships and Collaborations: Mention strategic partnerships or collaborations with other notable businesses or organizations. This adds credibility and broadens your reach. Tailor your press article to the specific audience and publication, creating a compelling narrative that resonates with readers and offers valuable insights into your business, its impact, and its value proposition.
  • Is public relations (PR) expensive?
    The cost of PR services varies based on factors like campaign scope, complexity, agency reputation, target audience, and desired outcomes. PR services range from affordable options for small businesses to comprehensive, higher-priced packages for larger companies or specialized industries. It's crucial to view PR as an investment in your brand's reputation and visibility. While it involves financial resources, the potential benefits, such as heightened brand awareness, enhanced credibility, and increased media coverage, can significantly impact your business's success and growth. When you choose to work with BTS Agency for your PR needs, the initial investment to get started typically falls between $1500 and $2,000. We believe in offering quality services that bring value to your brand. If you have any concerns about the investment, feel free to discuss them with us. We're here to ensure that your PR journey is not only effective but also comfortable for you.
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